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The Father Is Blameless Too

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Greatbong informs us all of the Peer Baba who impregnated 300 women, who were forced into sex with him by their husbands and in-laws in the hope of a son (Some may have went of their own free will but the program implies that mostly the women were forced to have sex with this Peer Baba). The interesting aspect to this is part 3 of the program where the gynaecologist tries to explain to the public that women cannot choose the sex of the child and hence must not be blamed (3′ 10” mark).


So far so good. However she goes on to say that since it is the sperm which carries the X or Y chromosomse which determines the sex, it is the man who is responsible for the sex of the child and thus the man is to blame. But since when did men have the ability to choose whether they ejaculate sperms carrying X chromosome or Y chromosome? Why is it necessary to blame men to absolve women of any responsibility? Blame them for blaming their wives, blame them for forcing their wives to have sex with some Peer Baba in order to bear sons. But don’t blame them for choosing the sex of the child. It is wrong scientifically and morally.

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February 21, 2012 at 05:55

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