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A Tale of 5 Men and 5 Women

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The Colbert Report invited Nancy Pelosi as its guest on the episode of Feb 22, 2012. During the interview Stephen Colbert brought up the all-male witness panel for the hearing regarding the contraception mandate in Obamacare (around the 18′ mark). Nancy Pelosi had this to say

But it isn’t up to 5 guys sitting around the table in Washington D.C. to determine what that size and timing [of family] would be.

Does she think it is appropriate for women to comment on men’s health issues? If not, did she know that Drs. Jennifer Crosswell, Tracy Dana, Rongwei Fu, Helen Koenig and Ashley Maltz and Ms. Christina Bougatsos tell healthy men not to undergo PSA screening? Would she tell them that it isn’t up to 5 women sitting around the table in (wherever they sit around a table) to tell men whether or not to get the PSA screen?

More importantly it isn’t just up to 5 guys or 5 women or whoever else to determine what the size and timing of the family should be. That is a decision that belongs to the parents and parents alone. Getting a mixed-sex witness panel would not change that.

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February 26, 2012 at 10:56

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