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In an article BBC travel writer Huw Cordey heralds new technology as a mixed blessing for travellers. He laments

It may be a cliche but there is no doubt that technology makes the world feel a smaller – and less interesting – place . . . You crave more of it but, deep down, you know you would be happier with a lot less.

I just wish he would realise how technology has been so important for Wilberth Matamoros and Jenny Neeve. Huw does write

Until the internet arrived, he talked to Jenny virtually every day from his mobile. Half the time she would call him, the other half he phoned her.

Unfortunately that sort of love did not come cheap. Wilberth was spending nearly half his $500 (£300) a month salary talking to Jenny.

Now with the internet and Skype, communication is free which means that they can talk for as long or as often as they like, and the money he saves he can spend on flights to actually see Jenny.

Does Huw think that Jenny and Wilberth would be happier with a lot less? Does he think that their relationship would last in the absence of technology?

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March 8, 2012 at 14:38

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