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What Would Amnesty and Jezebel Make Of This?

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They don’t do propaganda like this anymore. From the Daily Mail

Then came a second wave of bombers, dropping fresh mail bags around the train. Operation Cornflakes had begun.

Each of the airdropped mail bags contained 300 propaganda letters, addressed to the homes of families of Wehrmacht soldiers killed in the fighting.

Clearing up the mess caused by the attack, German postal workers recovered the bags and delivered their contents – unaware of the seditious materials hidden within.

. . .

Meanwhile, in Rome, a group printed envelopes with more than two million names and addresses taken from the death notices of soldiers reported to have died in the fighting.

When all the materials were ready, loaded mail bags were handed over to the 15th Army Air Force, which was given the task of delivering them behind enemy lines.

. . .

Another letter allegedly originating from the ‘Verein Einsamer Kriegerfrauen’ (Association of Lonely War Women’), was sent to German soldiers implying that their wives and girlfriends were engaging in promiscuous casual sex while they were at the front.

More on Operation Cornflakes here


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March 8, 2012 at 15:39

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