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Gay Marriage: Classical Liberal vs Libertarian Part I

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  1. PolvolterDnkymn
    @sabhlok Would you support giving a gay couple exactly the same rights as a straight couple except that they cannot adopt children?
  2. sabhlok
    @PolvolterDnkymn No. Marriage is NOT a natural right. Liberty is. Marriage is an INSTITUTION of nature and society, and is inviolable. #fb
  3. PolvolterDnkymn
    @sabhlok So you would not allow gay couples to have a say in medical decisions (like straight couples) or similar tax benefits, inheritance?
  4. PolvolterDnkymn
    @sabhlok So according to you laws banning e.g. interracial marriage are A-OK? You don’t think such laws are an infringement on liberty?
  5. PolvolterDnkymn
    @sabhlok Well you just said that there is no natural right to marriage and hence no gay marriage. Would you treat interracial marriage same?
  6. PolvolterDnkymn
    @sabhlok I do note that you have been unable to justify why it would be wrong for a society/state to ban interracial marriage (1/2)
  7. PolvolterDnkymn
    @sabhlok After all if marriage is a state/societal institution & not a natural right & thus regulable then state can ban interracial marriag

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May 13, 2012 at 00:22

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