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A Staggering Sense of Entitlement

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Context: July 1 is the birthday of Kalpana Chawla, one of the members of the ill-fated STS-107 mission using the space shuttle Columbia. She was an Indian-American astronaut. Born in India, she went to the US for graduate studies following which she joined NASA. She died in the Columbia disaster of 2003. On July 1, there was an eruption in the Indian twitterverse of tweets praising her and tweets asking celebs to RT tweets praising her. And if a celeb for some reason was a little late in responding to such tweets, they were challenged as to why they didn’t respond in time (according to the challenger). It is as if one is entitled to get a response to one’s tweets immediately. The following is a conversation with one such entitled person.

  1. AviBsharma
    @ShashiTharoor Today is the birthday of Late Kalpana Chawla, our very own Indian Astronaut #KalpanaChawla
  2. Nearly three and a half hours passed by with no response from @shashitharoor. But then again he, like most other people, has a life. But could someone tell that to @avibsharma?
  3. AviBsharma
    @ShashiTharoor Cricket is important sir but not wishing Late Kalpana Chawla on her birthday? Many tweeple sent you tweets but no response!
  4. PolvolterDnkymn
    @AviBsharma Wow. Is @shashitharoor your monkey that he must do whatever you ask of him? The entitlement culture is staggering
  5. AviBsharma
    @PolvolterDnkymn @shashitharoor He is not my monkey but i expected him to do this at least as a mark of respect for a national hero/star!
  6. PolvolterDnkymn
    @AviBsharma “Expect”? Again is he your monkey? Why this entitlement? Why are you not bugging 1000s of people to remember B C Roy’s birthday?
  7. AviBsharma
    @PolvolterDnkymn Isn’t that my choice? I did retweet tweets related to him and doctors day as well. Yeah, I’m guilty!
  8. If only other people were given that choice by @avibsharma
  9. PolvolterDnkymn
    @AviBsharma So it is your choice to tweet/RT but if some celeb doesn’t RT what you want them too, you start guilting them? Hypocrisy.

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July 2, 2012 at 13:56

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