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Why Do People Spew Their Opinions on Twitter If They Do Not Like Being Challenged?

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It all started with @nickgillespie

  1. nickgillespie
    RT @HBO: Don’t miss tonight’s new Real Time with @billmaher with guests Kirk Douglas @Mruff221 @nickgillespie @maddow Mort Zuckerman

    Fri, Jun 22 2012 14:46:28
  2. Atleast I think it was this tweet. Twitter either did not retain the threading information or maybe @gbtru initiated a new thread instead of replying.
  3. GBTRU
    @nickgillespie are you a republican or democrat?

    Sat, Jun 23 2012 00:04:50
  4. GBTRU
    @PolvolterDnkymn ahhh the smell of a free nation.

    Sat, Jun 23 2012 12:16:52
  5. GBTRU
    @PolvolterDnkymn Your welcome!! Enjoy your weekend. Check my twitter feed for one of your republican reps, and his actions. You’ll enjoy!

    Sat, Jun 23 2012 13:28:47
  6. Now that I was invited to check @gbtru’s twitter feed I proceeded to do so

    The first tweet to get my attention was:

  7. blakehounshell
    RT @markknoller: Obama gets thunderous cheers & applause as he slams Romney for outsourcing jobs in China & India.

    Fri, Jun 22 2012 13:46:24
  8. This was an RT by @gbtru
  9. I responded:
  10. PolvolterDnkymn
    @GBTRU David Duke gets thunderous cheers & appluase as he slams rest of America for outsourcing jobs to blacks and jews

    Sat, Jun 23 2012 13:36:36
  11. For more context:
  12. There was another interesting tweet:
  13. GBTRU
    @DailyCaller The Bush admin started the program, like rendition, and Obama admin ended it. #remeberPatTillman #executiveprivilege

    Fri, Jun 22 2012 05:09:50
  14. This was in response to Republicans in the House taking the Obama Administration to task over Fast and Furious
  15. GBTRU
    #fastandfurious what about the billions unaccounted for from Iraq from the first contractors.

    Fri, Jun 22 2012 23:14:47
  16. Since @gbtru raised the issue of the “War on Terror” such as rendition, I of course brought up the Obama administration’s stellar prosecution of said war
  17. PolvolterDnkymn
    @GBTRU How about classifying all military aged males in AfPak as enemy combatants?

    Sat, Jun 23 2012 13:38:54
  18. Some context:
  19. Now the fun started:
  20. GBTRU
    @PolvolterDnkymn your either a troll or a coward behind some aggregate website.

    Sat, Jun 23 2012 13:53:49
  21. PolvolterDnkymn
    @GBTRU Where do you get the “aggregate website” from? And troll? Just for disagreeing with you? How the word has been debased :(

    Sat, Jun 23 2012 13:55:39
  22. GBTRU
    @PolvolterDnkymn Well looking at your page, you mass tweets but no followers, or following. Kinda transparent. #moveonkindlycoward

    Sat, Jun 23 2012 13:58:18
  23. PolvolterDnkymn
    @GBTRU So I need to follow a large # of people and be followed by a large # of people?

    Sat, Jun 23 2012 14:00:15
  24. PolvolterDnkymn
    @GBTRU By that logic @barackobama is a troll compared to @ladygaga

    Sat, Jun 23 2012 14:02:06
  25. PolvolterDnkymn
    @GBTRU I do note that you are unable to attack me on the merits. And I am a troll?

    Sat, Jun 23 2012 14:03:33
  26. PolvolterDnkymn
    @GBTRU So what is wrong with Indian and Chinese doing work that used to be done in the US? Do they not deserve jobs?

    Sat, Jun 23 2012 14:04:17
  27. PolvolterDnkymn
    @GBTRU How is denying due process to Gitmo detainees different from classifying all military aged males in AfPak as enemy combatants?

    Sat, Jun 23 2012 14:06:10
  28. Meanwhile there were some slytweets too:
  29. GBTRU
    When debating Politics and policy you get cowards who hide behind fake accounts. #twitterproblems

    Sat, Jun 23 2012 13:59:46
  30. PolvolterDnkymn
    @GBTRU Ever heard of Publius and the Federalist Papers?

    Sat, Jun 23 2012 14:06:31
  31. GBTRU
    @PolvolterDnkymn You seem versed, use your real account coward!! Then we can chat.

    Sat, Jun 23 2012 14:11:41
  32. PolvolterDnkymn
    @GBTRU Why do you need to know who I am? How does that affect the logic of my arguments?

    Sat, Jun 23 2012 14:12:31
  33. PolvolterDnkymn
    @GBTRU Explain to a #coward the difference between denying due process to Gitmo detainess & declaring all military aged males as the enemy.

    Sat, Jun 23 2012 14:23:30
  34. Was not really sure what the point of this digression was. The linked article was an odious comparison of Jerry Sandusky with Obama (stating that Obama’s executive decision to stop deportation of illegal immigrants who were brought over as children by their parents, subject to age and some other conditions was an abuse of such children for electoral benefits equivalent to Sandusky’s rape of children). As a believe in the Four Freedoms: Freedom of movement of (1) People (2) Goods (3) Capital and (4) Services, I responded
  35. PolvolterDnkymn
    @GBTRU I agree with you that the comparison of Obama with Sandusky is odious. My take on immigration: Open Borders (only stop criminals)

    Sat, Jun 23 2012 14:55:18
  36. PolvolterDnkymn
    @GBTRU May I bother you for an explanation? Dunce because I agree with you?

    Sat, Jun 23 2012 15:03:08
  37. GBTRU
    @PolvolterDnkymn move on, dont you have someone else to fuck with? LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!

    Sat, Jun 23 2012 15:06:47
  38. PolvolterDnkymn
    @GBTRU You seem to think I am fucking with you, but I am only asked you a few questions. I am only replying to your replies to me.

    Sat, Jun 23 2012 15:08:30


So dear readers why do people spew their opinions on twitter if they, like @gbtru, hate being challenged?


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June 29, 2012 at 03:14

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