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Ideological Turing Test

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Who said the following:

How does one argue with someone convinced that the routine massacre of our children is the price we must pay for our freedom?

In the Red Corner:

John Yoo, former Deputy Assistant Attorney General and author of the Torture Memos, who wrote (emphasis mine):

we understand that al Qaeda seeks to develop and deploy chemical, biological and nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Under these circumstances, a particular detainee may possess information that could enable the United States to prevent imminent attacks that could equal or surpass the September 11 attacks in their magnitude. Clearly, any harm that might occur during an interrogation would pale to insignificance compared to the harm avoided by preventing such an attack, which could take hundreds or thousands of lives.[1]

In the Blue Corner:

Adam Gopnik, of The New Yorker, who said on the occasion of [Osama Bin Laden’s] death:

Fear is the terrorist’s best weapon … [The fear] is so out of proportion, very often, to the real threat.[2]

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