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Q. What is the Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything? A. Capital Punishment

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  1. Randevouzz
    @ShashiTharoor according to me best Law = Saudi Arabia law. Behead the Killers and Rapists. Clean the country from filthy LAW..
    Sun, Jul 01 2012 17:26:59
  2. PolvolterDnkymn
    @Randevouzz And what if the executed person turns out to be innocent? Can we execute you then? @ShashiTharoor
    Sun, Jul 01 2012 17:27:37
  3. Randevouzz
    @PolvolterDnkymn Your question suites your ID name. Understand my Comment then use keyboard wisely dude. @ShashiTharoor..
    Mon, Jul 02 2012 13:59:26

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